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Update of your Via Ferrata website

We had some technical problems to update your via ferrata website and especially to keep it free. The whole team of volunteers is working on it in order to be ready for 2023.

So sorry for the current version. However, if you want to give us a hand, especially to announce the missing via ferrata, we will need you. We'll get started in the fall.  So put your pictures in stock and we'll count on you in a few weeks! 

Beetween Heat Waves and Storms

You certainly have noticed that the summer heat is very complicated to manage. Between the heat waves and monstrous thunderstorms with torrential rains. Be careful when you climb a via ferrata and check the weather forecast.

Take enough water, especially if the via is exposed to the sun and take clothes for storms. Sneakers are not the right footwear for via ferrata, especially if the approach terrain is dry or wet.

Speaking of lightning, be careful when you're on a via ferrata. The cabled lifeline is conductive, sometimes lightning falls on it. It's not every day, but it would be a shame to get caught in one.

Via Ferrata: The top countries are open

At the corona level: Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, Austria are open. However, there are certain rules for reaching countries. Some ask for tests, others other things, if you drive by, you are unlikely to be stopped, on the other hand by plane, it's different. But who is going on a plane to make a via ?!

So, it's up to you to see how to get there. Here is a link with an interactive map of the different rules (it is in french, sorry).

Furthermore. With the snows of this winter, there are still quite a few via ferrata, above 1,400 meters which are difficult to access or which have not been fixed. So be careful, and contact the tourist office before going.

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France: a mannequin stuck in a via ferrata

Believe it or not.
Early May, the mountain rescue team of CRS Alpes de Modane, France, had to rescue a climber blocked in the via ferrata of Lanslevillard (Savoie).

Bad or good luck! The climber turned out to be a plastic mannequin! You know, the plastic thing that allows you to visualize the clothes you are going to buy!

The very realistic mannequin, with pants, sneakers, helmet was hanging on the cable and from below, it looked like a climber stuck on the wall.

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Recall Simond VitaLink Lanyard

Be carefeful, there is a problem with the viaferrata lanyard sold by Decathlon: the Vitalink from Simond.

The carabiner has some problems and does not close properly. As a result, there is the risk that you are no longer secured on the lifeline. This warning comes from the Bureau for Accident Prevention in Switzerland (BPA).

According to the BPA, there is a risk of falling.

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Corona Ferrata Season

coronavirusWith the coronavirus pandemic, it is a safe bet that we will not find ourselves alone in the via ferrata. Thanks to its principle of lifeline and one after the other, this is a sporting activity which respects the instructions of "staying at a distance."

In this concept, you have two points to watch: the start and the final. Hey, you are old enough to take the appropriate measures. If you don't know them, ask your mam.

For now, it is recommended to stay in your own country. This is a great way to discover a local via. However, for this start of this season, be careful. Explanation. Like each..

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France: the Vesubie and the Roya are closed

The Alpes Maritimes, France were hit by the fiercy storm Alex. Most of the roads are closed and many villages can not be reached including Tende. It is the same concern in the Italian side. It is not a good time to go there and climb.

Regarding the Via Ferrata, we don't have information about them and if they are still practicable. To be honnest, they are not the concern of the emergency groups and the cities. As soon as we will get information, we will inform you. But you can consider that most of the via will be closed for the rest of the year.

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Double check before you start

Even, if there is no more snow at the start or if everything seems to indicate that the beautiful days are coming ... all via ferrata are not yet open. Some via must be purged, cleaned and checked. Before leaving, check with the local Tourist Office.

In addition, check your equipment if the winter break has not damaged (lanyards, carabiners, helmet). Finally, start your season with a basic via, you may need to gently wake your muscles.



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