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Via Ferrata de la Cascade, Les Diablerets, Vaud


   Footbridges     Monkey Bridge       Ladder          Zipline    
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 Very committing with a splendid section under the waterfall and in a crack.

The steps for your feet are very slippery as they are made from smooth metal. Be careful during wet periods, the steps turn into bars of soap!

No elevation gain or drop, completely a traverse.


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

Take your camera, the view from behind the waterfall is magnificent and like nothing you've ever seen before.

Wear some good shoes with a rigid sole and traction control if possible.

We don't want to start a dispute, but a zipline shoud have a cable and a life-line (the cable that secures you). On this zipline, there is only one cable and the pully is already on the cable (it stays there all season). Personally, we have given up on using this equipment and the the zipline and have opted for the second way out. But the choice is up to you...

Tips and Tricks for Zipline Users (by Franck Lehmans)
-Have a tall or self-sufficient person go first so that he/she can untie him/herself easily and without risk at the end of the zipline
-Once at the end, grab the cable so as not to go backwards
-Clip one landyard in a loop of the cable so as not to slide backwards
-Next, and only next, untie (or try to untie (if you are too small, it's really SH...)) the pulley!

-While you pull the rope that brings the pulley back to you, let it hang in the void to prevent any potential knots from forming on the way and creating a very annoying obstruction in the middle of the cable.

- Do not tire yourself in vain trying to unclip the pulley from your harness: think and proceed in the following order:
1 first landyard hooked in a loop of the cable when you arrive,
2 second landyard hooked even further if possible,
3 lift yourself up as much as possible (I put myself on the big bolts that hold together the pole at the finish),
4 unclip yourself.

 If you can't do it, re-secure yourself like on the way there and climb back to the start by pulling yourself with the rope.



 Strength  Part 1: 4
 Part 2: 3
 Dizziness  part 1: 1
 Part 2: 3
 Type  Mountain: 3 (slipery steps)            
 Technics                    1 (zipline optional)
 Evaluation  Extr. Difficult


Office du Tourisme des Diablerets 024 492.33.58.
From outside Switzerland ++41.24 492.33.58
E-mails work really well, fast and nice.


Length and Altitude

Altitude: 1491 m


GPS Coordinates

N 46’20.998
E 007’12.157


Time of Year

May - November (when there isn't any snow or ice).



Approach : 20 minutes
Via Ferrata : 1h30
Way Back : 25 minutes

By Car

From Lausanne take the highway towards Valais (Martigny, Sion), and exit at Aigle. IN the center of Aigle, take a roundabout and on the left la route de Pillon towards Les Diablerets, it is indicated.

From Valais, Chamonix, or the Aosta valley take the Martigny freeway towards Monthey-Lausanne. Exit at Aigle.


By Train

Take the train to Aigle and then to Diablerets. A bus towards the col du Pillon will take you the rest of the way. Contact the SBB, for bus and train schedules and fares.




Leave your car in a mini parking 200m before arriving at the Col du Pillon (on your right when coming from les Diablerets)
The trail that leads to the via ferrata starts near this parking. Follow the signs.


Via Ferrata

The beginning is very hard. There is an overhang and a rope bridge, but beware, this rope bridge is reserved for real monkeys only! It's not easy to access and it really works the arms.

After the bridge, your arms are still put to work with some tough overhanging sections. Plus, since the steps are made with smooth metal, you get the impression that you are walking on banana peels! After this section, you climb to a grass and earth section.
You can avoid this demanding first part by taking the easier via ferrata which was set up in order to go around this particularly athletic section.

The second part is a bit more technical and vertiginous. You have the opportunity to touch the rock and make sure you pay attention to where you are placing your well-equipped-with-good-vibram-soled-shoes feet. But, of course, you already know that one only climbs via ferrats with the proper shoes!

In short, it's strenuous, it doesn't climb too much and it's often overhanging.

As you approach the waterfall, you will cross a superb crack in the rock. Hmmmm, it is very narrow and one barely makes it through with a backpack.
So, if you have a little extra padding, you'll have to suck in your stomach. But, it's really awesome!
You then arrive in front of the waterfall, and here is the second exit.

You can go behind the waterfall and take the zipline.

Way Back

If you exit before the waterfall: the way down is super slippery!
If you exit after the waterfall: the way down is super slippery!


Where to Spend the Night

There is a camping and some nice rooms in guest houses in les Diablerets.



par Boris Bettex, Youtube


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