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Via Ferrata Tour d'Aï, Leysin, Vaud



   Footbridges     Monkey Bridge       Ladder          Zipline    
2 0 0 0



 Vertiginous with a superb panorama on Lake Geneva, the Valais Alps, and Mt-Blanc. A bit difficult for children and beginners.

Some steps are a bit high/too far for people of average height.


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

Take your mountain bike (MTB) with you or rent one there, for the way down to Leysin is very nice.

A picnic is a must. At the summit of the via ferrata you can enjoy the incredible panorama while you eat.

Parking. We already received some messages from the Tourism Office and some inhabitants of Leysin lamenting our rant about the fact that there are no free parking spaces for the users of the via ferrata.
Consequently, we are making an effort to commend this great initiative to welcome tourists to the station with a fine if they do not pay for their parking and we really think its super cool and nice that they put a free parking lot 4km away from there. It would have been totally stupid for them to offer a combined lift and parking ticket for the users of the via ferrata as we suggested.



 Strength  2
 Dizziness  2
 Type            High-Mountain:  1         
 Technics                1
 Evaluation  Difficule



Office du Tourisme de Leysin

Lifts: Télé-Leysin.


Length and Altitude

Lenght 320 m.

Elevation Gain: 150 m.


Time of Year

End of May to mid-October. Check with the lifts for the official start of the season.
Not practicable in the winter.



Approach from the top of the lift: 45 minutes
Via Ferrata 1h00 à 1h30
Way down to the mountain pasture: 45 minutes
To the parking lot: 30 minutes with an MTB, and 1h30 by foot.


By Car

From Geneva, take the highway towards Lausanne and then Sion-Martigny. From Chamonix and Aosta take the highway towards Martigny-Suisse. In Martigny take the highway towards Lausanne-Geneva. Exit at Aigle (25km).

In Aigle take the N 11, towards Château d'Oex, les Diablerets, Leysin.


By Train

Prends le train jusqu'à Aigle et ensuite jusqu'à Leysin.
Take the train to Aigle and then to Leysin.
Contact the SBB, for train and bus schedules and fares.




Take the Berneuse lift.

There are few indications and markings, so you must have faith. When you arrive at the summit of the lifts you will see the Kuklos rotating restaurant. Look towards the restaurant. A mountain with a cliff rises in the background to its right. This is where you will find the Tour D'Aï ferrata.

Go down the very steep trail that leads to some small houses and a charming lake. Once you are at the bottom, climb up the hill on the left following the cables and poles of the lift. You will find a little trail that will lead you to the start. (see the picture from the guide at the top of the page).


Via Ferrata

There are some difficult moves from the very beginning. If you get pass them... you should be fine for the rest. Otherwise, turn back now gringo!

A little traverse up and down... brings you to the foot of the chimney. You will have to get past it... it's a nice opportunity to play Santa Claus. We hope that after this you will realize how hard Santa really works and that this coming winter you will leave him some cookies by the chimney...

It's a bit overhanging at the end of the chimney, but only a bit, and you get to see the void all around you. You arrive tranquilly to the summit of this via. Just one more little section, great for photos. The summit of the via is almost a classic.

Once you arrive on the plateau, you can make the most of an unforgettable and splendid panorama.


Way Back

The way down is a bit athletic, around 40 minutes. Be careful, there have already been deaths.

Once you arrive at the lake, you can get your bikes (if you came with your MTBs)... and off you go, down either to Leysin or Aigle.

If you came by foot, the concept is the same, but the way down to Leysin is a bit longer.


Where to Spend the Night

Camping Semiramis: Tel: +41 24 494 11 48 .



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