Don't get stuck in the Storm

With the global warming, you have certainly noticed the storms are becoming more and more violent. In the mountain, this is more and more epic.

When you climb a via ferrata and a storm is coming, well.. this is not fun especially if lightnings pop up all over the place.  There is a small chance that the lightning touches the cable, but it is still possible.

To avoid it, check the weather forecast. When you climb a via, the goals are to have fun and to come back!

Before you leave for a via:
1. Chech the weather forecast 
2. In your backpack, you must find a rain coat, with food and something to drink
3. You must climb with good mountain shoes. Running shoes or "basket shoes" are not good mountain shoes.
4. Take a light with you. It is always usefull.


In August 2018, in the Diablerets, Switzerland, 4 via ferratistes get into troubles in the via Ferrata du Rocher Jaune. An helicopter and the rescue team had to look for them. Happy story at the end, but this is quit a very expensive mistake. In Switzerland, when you have such a reckless behavior, you pay the final bill, not the insurance!