France: a mannequin stuck in a via ferrata

Believe it or not.
Early May, the mountain rescue team of CRS Alpes de Modane, France, had to rescue a climber blocked in the via ferrata of Lanslevillard (Savoie).

Bad or good luck! The climber turned out to be a plastic mannequin! You know, the plastic thing that allows you to visualize the clothes you are going to buy!

The very realistic mannequin, with pants, sneakers, helmet was hanging on the cable and from below, it looked like a climber stuck on the wall.

The policemen noticed him and launched the alarm. The CRS Alpes team had to use an helicopter to rescue him!

The containment obviously inspired some little genius. The gendarmes of Hérault were also entitled to their own mannequin. This time, it was installed on a Carnon beach under an umbrella.

With the end of the pandemic, we presume we will not be able to report such jokes...