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Don't get stuck in the Storm

With the global warming, you have certainly noticed the storms are becoming more and more violent. In the mountain, this is more and more epic.

When you climb a via ferrata and a storm is coming, well.. this is not fun especially if lightnings pop up all over the place.  There is a small chance that the lightning touches the cable, but it is still possible.

To avoid it, check the weather forecast. When you climb a via, the goals are to have fun and to come back!

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Let's climb a last one...

before winter arrives!  After a very warm summer, it is the time to enjoy the automn and climb a last via ferrata in the high mountain.

It is an opportunity to stay in a Caban before they close. A suggestion?

Let's try a very nice via ferrata in the Tessin, Switzerland!  I know, this is not easy to get there, but you can climb a very nice via  Via Ferrata Dei Tre Signori, and then sleep in the caban for a nice picture of the sunset!

Via Ferrata Saillon: Deadly Accident

On Sunday, July 2, 2017 à 17h30, a deadly accident happened at the Via Ferrata de La Farinetta in the Gorges de la Salentze in Saillon, Switzerland.

An Austrian via ferratiste from 37 years old, living in the Canton Vaud, lost his life in the third and last part of the via ferrata. He was the last one of a group of six climbers and lost his feet and felt for a reason to be determined.

The climber felt into the Salenste Gorges annonced the Police from the Canton of Valais.


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2016: On the Road Again!

Here we are!  The new via ferrata season is back in Europe. Spring is shining and warm temperatures are melting the snow. It is time to clean up your shoes, warm up your sling lines, find your gloves and get ready for fun.

At the moment, most of the via in the Plaine are out of snow. Above 1'200m this is still covered by snow (on the north side). Better to wait as the Tourism Office have to clean up the via.

Two suggestions for this season:

A) don't forget to change your sling lines if they are recalled
B) Make an easy start. Don't hurt yourself, choose an easy one!

On our side, we are translating via into English and we will open new countries. Tough work man!
Have fun

Black Diamond: Recalls Via Ferrata Sets

Black Diamond recalls, subject to user inspection, of Easy Rider and Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata Lanyard sets because of the possibility of defects in the stitching that could cause the lanyard to fail, potentially resulting in serious injury or death.

This recall concerns the Easy Rider Via Ferrata Set (style number 620105) and the Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata Set (style number 620110) manufactured between October 26, 2015 and January 18, 2016, with manufacturing codes between 5293 and 5350. Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata Packages (style number 620122) are also affected.

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The Swiss Via Ferrata

Most of the Via ferrata located in Switzerland are now available in English version. We are working on the via ferrata in France and other are following.

We are adding more and more via ferrata in English including the Security which are already available!

La Redac

The Via Ferrata in Morez, Jura, France

It hapens in the French part of the Jura and to be more precise in Morez. Guess what, this via is now open!  As it is the start of the season, this is a good sport to warm up your muscles. The first part is peace of cake and the third version is for the best with a zipline.

Like a drone, you have a beautiful view and at the top you can see the Bassin Morezien. As it is on the way to be translated, here is the french version. Découvre-là

Via Ferrata Avoriaz Closed in 2016

The French via ferrata in Avoriaz is closed for this year and may be in 2017.

If you are in the region, you may enjoy the via ferrata in Chapelle d'Abondance. It may be a little bit harder but a very nice one!


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