Peisey Nancroix

  • 06e Via Ferrata les Bettières, Peisey Nancroix, Savoie, France

    Via Ferrata les Bettières, Peisey Nancroix, Savoie



        Footbridge    Monkey Bridge    Ladder      Zipline  
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    Three different levels in three parts with escape routes possible for each of the parts.
    For the whole family.
    Access to the start of the via ferrata is very short. An impressive hanging bridge, some technical parts that require a lot of arm strength and a lot of courage... to reach the exit that is part of an overhanging section. It is possible to take the escape routes instead. The last part is reserved for experienced via ferrata-ists.


    ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

    There is a big crowd during the summer! Go early in the morning!
    If you have time do the circuit around Mont Pourri: Mt Pourri, Aiguille du St-Esprit, Dôme de la Sache, Gr 5.



     Strength  L'Eperon des Croës: 1
     Le Grand Pillier:  3
     Le Sommet : 3
     Dizziness  L'Eperon des Croës : 2
     Le Grand Pillier : 3
     Le Sommet : 3
     Type      High Mountain: 2
     Technics           L'Eperon des Croës : 1
     Le Grand Pillier : 1
     Le Sommet : 1
     Evaluation  L'Eperon des Croës : Easy - Initiation
     Le Grand Pillier : Difficult
     Le Sommet : Very Difficult



    Peysey-Vallandry Tourism Office


    Length & Altitudes

    Start of the Via-Ferrata: 1,556 m
    End of the Via-Ferrata 1,910 m.
    Elevation gain: 354 m
    Length: 500 m


    GPS Coordinates

    Latitude : 45.518932
    Longitude : 6.802318


    Time of Year

    From the 15th of May to the 31st of October



    l'Eperon des Croës
    ViaFerrata Access: 15 min
    Via ferrata : 30 min
    Way back : 20 min

    Le Grand Pillier
    Via ferrata: 45 minutes
    Way back : 30 min

    La Sortie
    Via ferrata : 20min
    Way back : 50 min


    By Car

    Go to the Tarentaise valley via the Alberville highway, then on to Moûtiers. After Aime, go towards Landry. Go up the switch-backs in the Peisey-Nancroix valley. Park at the end of the valley close to the pond after the hamlet of Lanches.


    By Train

    Check with the SNCF for buses and trains.




     At the beginning of the ferrata an information panel and signs give you directions.


    Via Ferrata 

    1st part : "l'éperon des Croës" is suitable for children (no major difficulties) and there is an escape route at the end of this part. *Approach: 15 min.

    2nd part  : It starts off with a vertical climb of about 50 meters. Then comes an exposed arrête followed by a second vertical climb and it all ends on a hanging bridge. A second escape route lets you go back down to the valley. *Approach: 0 minutes from the 1st section.

    3rd part : A big yellow overhanging slab, it's more strenuous. Go back by way of the plateau to get to the "Les Lanches - Mont Pourri" trail, or by means of a cabled exit to your left that goes directly down to the neighbouring valley and then switchbacks its way down. *Approach: 0 min from the 2nd section.
    This last part is very technical and difficult as it has an overhanging section of 15 meters. It's an impressive overhang. If you don't have any strength left, take the escape route. The rest of the route allows you to get to the Lanches - Le Mont Pourri trail.


    Way Back

    The way back is all beauty. Go left at the top of the via ferrata. Follow the cables and a ladder. A steep trail leads you straight to the parking lot.


    Where to Spend the Night

    Mont Pourri Refuge: 2,380 m, in the place called "La Savolière". Get there via les Lanches



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