Via Ferrata of the Belvédère, Nax, Valais



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This via ferrata is ideal for beginners and an introduction to via ferratas. The escape route has been canceled. If you stat it, you must finish it till the end

Open all year.


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

Bring a picnic for the end of the via, you can climb up on the gazebo (the old end of the via) to make the most of the view. Nax is a nice village.



 Strength  1
 Dizziness  2
 Type  Plaine:2
 Technics  2 
 Evaluation Initiation 



Tourism office of Nax


Length and Altitude

Length: 450 m
Altitude gain: 220 m
Start: 1'000m

GPS Coordinates

From the beginning of the via:
N 46.13.454
E 007.25.166
Altitude: 995 m.


Time of Year

Open all year.



Aprroach on foot from the parking lot: 5 minutes
Via Ferrata: 1h
Way back: about 25 min back to the parking lot


By Car

From the highway from Martigny take the second exit in Sion (Hospital). Go towards Bramois.

In Bramois cross the bridge over the river and go towards Nax. The via is found about 5km from Bramois. There is a parking lot on the left side of the road in a hairpin and a sign points you to the via ferrata.


By Train

Take the train to Sion. Then the bus to Nax. Contact the SBB for schedules and fares.



From the parking lot follow the small trail in the forest. You will see the sign that welcomes you to the via. Walk a couple minutes more and you arrive at the beginning of the via ferrata.


Via Ferrata

In front of you is the impressive Belvédère cliff: 240 meters of rock, sometimes perfectly vertical

Rules to obey: Never stray from the markings, the numerous ledges are interspersed with projections that are sometimes insurmountable, and the ground can be slippery. You must have the minimum required equipment, that is a helmet (the rock is friable), harness, Y shaped lanyard with a progressive tearing energy absorber, auto-locking carabiners, a rope for children and beginners

The first part of the route  is composed of big walls, connected by sequences of ledges and projections. You will cross a small rope bridge (about 3 m), the exit is a bit technical and physical, but nothing too demonic. What's more, there is some void.

You then arrive to a second rope bridge. Make the most of it as the via ferrata ends in a few minutes.

Way Back

Oh! You must go up to the gazebo for the view. Then, take the trail that goes down. The trail is good overall, a bit steep in some places and rock&roll if its humid and rainy.

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Difficulty & Level

1. For beginners & initiation
2. Need some practice of via ferrata
3. Require phisical strength (at least 1 difficulty)
4. Very phisical, strength, in very good shape

1. Light - ok
2. Middle
3. Some parts are solid
4. Tough

Plaine - Mountain - High Mountain
1. Fully Equiped
2. Need to use rocks
3. Light equipment

1. Easy
2. With bridge, ladder, etc..
3. Extra skills such as zip line




Phone: Mountain rescue: 112

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300



Mountain Rescue: 144
REGA Helicopere: 1414
Police: 117

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300


Phone: 112

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300