Via Ferrata Croix des Verdons, Courchevel, Savoie



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High altitude atmosphere at over 2,700m. Take the lifts to get there.
Steep sections, a very aerial itinerary, vertiginous, and with no escape routes. Part of the distinguished lineage of Dolomite via ferratas. The panorama is spectacular and overlooks the valleys. An unobstructed view of Mt. Blanc.

A second via ferrata is located under the Panoramic Restaurant at the top of the Courchevel gondola.


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

Not for beginners! It is a tough via ferrata and once you commit there is no going back. You need to be trained and familiar with the mountain environment.

Warm clothes, a rain jacket, hiking shoes, a charged phone or a radio in the event of a mishap, sunscreen and mountain sunglasses, munchies and something to drink, chocolate is not mandatory, but it tastes so good when you're on top.

Be sure to check with the Tourism Office for the gondola schedule before you leave. The last chance to go down: 16h30.
Verdons Gondola from Courchevel
From Meribel: via the Burgin-Saulire Gondola.

Be careful, due to the altitude there may still be snowfields in June and at the beginning of July.



 Strength 3
 Dizziness 4
 Type      High Mountain: 1
 Technics           1
 Evaluation Very Difficult



Courchevel Tourism Office

Méribel Tourism Office


Length & Altitudes

Start of the Via Ferrata 1,850 m.
End of the ViaFerrata 2,739 m
Elevation gain:  889 m
Length: 800 m.


Time of Year

Mid-June to Mid-October (when there isn't any snow) Be careful, snowfields can remain until the beginning of July.



Approach: 20 min from the gondola. 1h30 - 2h from the bottom.
Via Ferrata : 2h30 to 3h
Way back : 45 minutes to 1h to get back down to the middle gondola station


By Car

Take the highway, go through Alberville and Moûtiers. Then Brides-les-Bains, then go either towards Méribel or keeping going for several kilometers to get to Courchevel.


By Train

Check with the SNCF for buses and trains.




Top of the Saulire Gondola (Courchevel 1,850m) which comes after the Verdons Gondola. From here it's 10 minutes of walking due north on a vague ridge.

At the foot of a buttress there is an information panel which denotes the start of the cables.

From Meribel: via the Burgin-Saulire Gondola: from Méribel-Mottaret via the Pas du Lac Gondola.


Via Ferrata 

The 100 first meters of cable lead you to a very distinctive section, known as "La Porte" (The Door). After going down and traversing we come to the hightlight of the route: "le Curé" (The Priest), a 50 meter vertical monolith.

To summarize: high altitude atmosphere, steep sections that are almost overhanging but well secured in the downclimb from the "Curé." Some less steep, but quite aerial ledges and slabs.

A very mineral atmosphere and a route that ends at a rare altitude for a via ferrata. A discovery of the "Trois Vallées" (Three Valleys) site which we can only do from afar in winter. Somewhat resembles the Dolomites, birthplace of this sport.


Way Back

You can take a trail that was purposefully made to arrive at the gondola.

Where to Spend the Night

Check with the tourism offices.



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