Via Ferrata Les Escaldilles, Llo, Pyrenees Orientales


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Three via ferratas with two different difficulty levels (an introduction to via ferratas is possible) and there's a hefty financial burden.


Quéralbs zipline route: 17 Euro (Two 170m ziplines hanging over the Sègre Gorges)

Itinerary 1: 15 Euro per person

Itinerary 3 & 4: 26 Euro

800 m. Via Ferrata route that combines hiking and climbing in a vertiginous atmosphere and has the added benefit of being south facing.


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

For security reasons and other reasons exclusive to the owners of the via ferrata, personal equipment is not accepted. You have to use the equipment at hand even if it isn't as good as your own. That's just how it is. This allows the morons who don't wear helmets or use via ferrata lanyards to discover the benefits of secure via ferrata practice.

Do take your gloves however because they are an option for the rental.



 Strength  Itinéraire 1: Llisses del Moli 
 Itinéraire 3: Llisses de Llo
 Itinéraire 4: Llisses Dretes
 Dizziness  Itinéraire 1: Llisses del Moli 
 Itinéraire 3: Llisses de Llo
 Itinéraire 4: Llisses Dretes
 Type  Itinéraire 1: Llisses del Moli 
 Itinéraire 3: Llisses de Llo
 Itinéraire 4: Llisses Dretes
 Mountain: 1
 Technics  Itinéraire 1: Llisses del Moli 
 Itinéraire 3: Llisses de Llo
 Itinéraire 4: Llisses Dretes
 Evaluation  Itinéraire 1: Llisses del Moli 
 Itinéraire 3: Llisses de Llo
 Itinéraire 4: Llisses Dretes
Easy (for Kids +5 years old)
Mid-Difficult (kids + 12 years old)
 Very Difficult (Kids + 14 years old)


 Llo Tourism Office

Via ferrata website and reservations: here


Length and Altitude

Elevation gain: 259 m
Length: 800 m.
Altitude at the top: 1650 m

Itinerary 1 :  Llisses del Moli: Distance 300 m / Elevation gain 59 m
Itinerary 3 :  Llisses de Llo: Distance 800 m / Elevation gain 259 m
Itinerary 4 :  Llisses Dretes: Distance 800 m / Elevation gain 259 m


Time of Year

Summer season :
1st of July to the 31st of August
9h00 - 16h00 (last start)

Out of season (upon reservation)
week-ends and during school holidays
10h00 - 14h00 (last start)



Approach: 10 minutes
Via Ferrata: 2 hours
Way back: 20 minutes


By Car

From Toulouse : RN 20 - via Tunel du Puymorens
From Carcassonne : RN 118 - via Quillan
From Perpignan : RN 116 - via Prades

From Saillagouse (RN 116) and then towards Llo, at the village entrance go towards the Gorges du Sègre road. It's easy to find and there are signs.


By Train or Bus

- Paris - Toulouse - La-Tour-de-Carol Line
  (overnight train leaving from Paris Austerlitz Station)
  Saillagouse - via la Tour-De-Carol
  (small yellow train, car, taxis from la Tour-De-Carol).

- Perpignan - Prades - Villefranche-De-Conflent Line
Saillagouse - via Font-Romeu - via Villefranche-De-Conflent
(small yellow train, car, taxis from Villefranche-De-Conflent).

Check with the SNCF: schedules and fares.




It's in Llo and it's easy.


Via Ferrata

You are setting out onto the first via ferrata in the Pyrenees.

From the start you can admire the magnificent landscape from a footbridge located over the Sègre gorges forest road. Then you progress onto the rocks by means of a series of ledges and vertical sections until you reach the historical site of San-Feliu where there is a roman chapel.

The different sections are called by their catalan names: Llisses de Llo (FD variant), or Llisses dretes (D+ variant), then El pas de las Orenetes (The passage of the swallows), El pas de la Guille (The passage of the fox), El Roc de l'Isard (the rock of isard), El Replojado dels Bous (the cattle shelter), and finally, La Pujada de San Feliu (the mountain of San-Feliu) from where you will revel in a remarkable panorama of the Cerdagne.

You can also zip down two 170m ziplines that hang 85m above the Sègre gorges. It's a nice there and back again trip.


Way Back

Follow the marked trails and then go through the picturesque village of Llo.


Where to Spend the Night

Lodges, bed and breakfasts: "Le Crapahuteur," route d'Eyne, a 10 minutes' walk from the via.



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