Via Ferrata des Rochers de Naye, Montreux, Vaud


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One of the most beautiful via ferratas in the world with a splendid view on Lake Geneva. Lots of contact with the rock for both hands and feet. A gem!

Not for everyone. Reserved for those with experience and strong arms.

The last part is opens only on the first of July (due to nesting birds)


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

Bring your MTB aboard the Golden Pass train and also a camera because the landscape is splendid. You can ride down all the way to Montreux. Nonetheless the Golden Pass train costs an arm and a leg.

You can choose to go down the caverns (on the way back). Bring a headlamp and try not to wear white pants!

Take some good hiking shoes (with vibram). You'll be in contact with the rock frequently and sometimes with muddy earthy grass sections. It is prohibited to wear tennis shoes (as it is, in fact, for all via ferratas).



 Strength    4
 Dizziness    4
 Type       High Mountain: 2
 Technics            1
 Evaluation   Extreme



Tourism Office Tourisme Montreux


Length and Altitude

Elevation gain : 160 m
Start : 1'856 m
End: 1'993 m
Length: 600 m


GPS Coordinates

Parking: if you go by car
N 46,27 091
E 06,58 634

Start of the via ferrata:
N 46.436587848039
E 6.9806818993206


Time of Year

May to November (snow).



Approach from the the train stop: Jaman Station: 30 minutes
Approche from the parking lot: 50 minutes
Via Ferrata: 1h30 
Way Back Option A: 5  minutes to get on the train from l'Hôtel de Naye towards Montreux
Way Back Option B: if you go through the caverns (bring a headlamp) its really nice. Account for 1 hour to the Jaman train stop and twenty minutes to get to the parking lot.


By car

From Lausanne: Vevey highway, exit in Montreux.
Go towards Glion- Caux.
Continue to the Rochers de Naye and park your car at the Col de Jaman.


By train

Via the Golden Pass from Montreux to the Rochers de Naye. Get off at the Jaman stop.

36.-- Frs per person there and back (18.-- with the half-fare)




From the Jaman station, the via ferrata is located straight ahead of you.

Go down the path to the ruins of an ancient mountain pasture chalet. Follow the markings to the via ferrata.

Via Ferrata

The via ferrata is located between the Tour de la Chaux de Naye and the Rochers de Naye of the north-west side.

The beginning of this via ferrata is a selective process: a vertical 50m rocky spur and you will reach a ladder.

You keep going on a narrow ramp that leads out onto a series of grassy ledges which bring you to the bottom of an escape route.

If you are in shape and feeling good, keep going on the trail that goes down. Otherwise, opt for the escape route that goes up.

If you keep going, you are going to have to face the void and especially the rock wall (sometimes overhanging) that really works your arms. It is demanding and takes a lot of energy (not for beginners).

Way Back

Two options:

Option A: 5  minutes to the train from l'Hôtel de Naye towards Montreux (18.-- Frs to get to Montreux or 9.-- Frs to Montreux with the half-fare)

Option B: through the caverns

If you go through the caverns, each person must have a headlamp. It is very beautiful, and you must not be too big as there is a pretty narrow section. It's vertiginous. Account for 1h45 to get back to the Jaman train stop.

Where to Sleep

Check with the Tourism Office.