Via Ferrata Barrage de Moiry, Grimentz



  Foot Bridge   Monkey Bridge    Ladder     Zip line        Net    
 1  0        0       85 m 1


This Via Ferrata is very well equiped and it has many points of contact with the rock. With a little bit of luck, you might even catch a sight of some alpine ibex nearby. But, to see them… shhhhh!

You can enjoy a zip line and a overhanging net!

A third part was opened with the famous net and a table for you to eat a fondue or a picnic!


Via Ferrata Tips and Tricks

Due to its ideal location, it is possible to follow the climbers’ progression from the top of the dam. A rappel station was installed, length 48m. You must have the necessary equipment and skills to do it.



 Strength  partie 1: 2
 partie 2: 4
 partie 3: 2
 partie 6: 4
 partie 7: 2
 Dizziness  partie 1: 3
 partie 2: 3
 partie 3: 3
 partie 6: 4
 partie 7: 3
 Type      Mountain: 1
 Technics           3
 Evaluation  Partie 1: Difficult
 Partie 2: Extrem (with a way out)
 partie 3: Difficult
 partie 6: Extreme (but you can avoid it)
 partie 7: Very Difficult



Tourism Office Grimentz St-Jean
Phone 027 476 1700 Outside of Switzerland: ++41 27 476 1700



410 m. (sans échapatoire)
Climb : 230 m
Start : 2'120 m
Finish : 2'350 m


GPS start

N 46'08'371
E 007'34'391
Alt. 2'164 m.


Time of Year

The Via Ferrata is open from mid-June to the end of October depending on weather conditions.

Access by private car depends on the closure of the Moiry dam road. Outside of this period, it is possible to access the Via Ferrata by foot. Account for 1h30 of walking from the village of Grimentz.



Approach from the parking at the bottom of the dam: 10 minutes,
Via Ferrata: 1h30 - 2h
Back to your car : 10 min following the road inside the tunnel


By Car

Take the A9 Martigny-Sion-Sierre highway. Get off at the second exit in Sierre and follow “Val d’Anniviers” (right at the roundabout and then right again) towards Grimentz. 25km further you will arrive in Grimentz.

Then head towards the Moiry dam (8km) either by car or with the postal bus (during the high season).

By Train

Contact the CFF . You can go by train to Sion. Then the Bus to Grimentz and the dam.  The Bus is not working in winter.




25km from Sierre, you will find the picturesque village of Grimentz. From the village, you simply need to follow the road that goes up towards the Moiry dam (8km) by car or with the postal bus.

Once you have reached the base of the dam wall, you will find a parking lot at your disposal. To reach the starting point, you simply need to follow the road for 150m and then climb to your right to access the beginning of the Via Ferrata. Signs should be there to show you the way.


Via Ferrata 

The first part of the Via Ferrata is located on a vertical wall. You will already feel a lot of tension in your arms and the route climbs quickly. This part really works the arms and certain sections are very demanding.  The first part ends on a precipitous rocky spur with an enchanting view on the Val d’Anniviers.

Afterwards, you cross an easy ledge with a small vertical projection to get to the second part as well as the way out.

At the top of the first part you have a choice, either you can go to the left to climb the second part,very enjoyable with a breathtaking and turquoise view of the Moiry Lake; or you can continue, cross an easy ledge with a small vertical projection to get to the sixth part, Very Difficult, or take the way out, or go to the foot bridge (it moves and the wood plates are small).

The sixths part is frankly very difficult. You must be in excellent physical condition and your arms need to be strong! This part begins with a 20m overhanging traverse!!! It is extremely tough and not meant for all hands. Once you have passed the overhang, the route continues more calmly for your tired arms, but it is very precipitous and still quite demanding.

You will arrive at the junction between the third and sixth parts. You can either continue on to the third part or head towards the seventh part (picnic table and netting)


For security reasons: only with a guide (the key can be found at the “Restaurant du Barrage de Moiry”)
The zip-line is 85m long, 60m high and has a 20m vertical drop.


Return to Home

From the final exit point follow the marked path down to the Moiry dam. There, you have two possibilities:
-follow the road down, faster, but not very interesting: 10 min (by going through the tunnel)
-cross the dam wall and follow the pedestrian path down: 40 min

For those who are more tired, take the postal buses that run during this time period
(The official bus stop is located in the Via Ferrata parking lot).


Where to sleep

There is a camping in Grimentz and plenty of places to spend the night. It’s a lovely village!


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